Thursday, July 16, 2020

Fullness Yet Amidst the Droplets

25 Tamuz 5780.

After we’ve pulled our boat’s anchor out of the stars

and reinserted it in the now-calm sea

We’ll laugh at the sweat glistening on our arms

and gratefully pass the bottle of joyful relief

and mind-numbing forget


Fullness. From our individual boxes of fear

we will soar and join hands, laughing faces

unmasked, droplets of song appear and disappear

and dance freely in the most unexpected places

Will we have lost our mind


Fullness? After we return our ship to its course

will we remember what we have learned, or forget

to put each other first, and to remember the Source

of all the good and bad that we have ever met

the One from Whom comes all fruit


Fullness? May it be that we will retain the gifts

COVID-19 inadvertently gave us

And if our vessel ever again begins to drift

off course, will you remind me to thank and to bless

and to avoid my careless sin



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